Dynamic JavaScript Date Entry

Language: JavaScript
Platform: Independent
Download: v0.2 [Example]
Description: This is something I threw together to handle date entry for forms. It takes three select fields, populates them with the appropriate year, month, and day values, and automatically modifies the contents of the day field to compensate for day count changes between months. I've included an HTML file as an example, but there currently isn't any formal documentation.

Dummy File Writer

Language: PHP
Platform: Windows
Help Cmd: dummywrite help
Download: v0.1
Description: Not much to it, really. It creates a text file of a single character of a specified length. It's dummy-proof, so there's no readme included. You can run it either from the command line or explorer. Unfortunately, since it's written in PHP and put together with Bamcompile, it's kinda bloated for what it is.

AJAX Exercise

Language: PHP, JavaScript
Platform: Independent
URL: AJAX Exercise
Description: This is something I threw together to learn and experiment with an AJAX implementation that would work both with and without JavaScript enabled, and would allow bookmarking. You can observe the differences by clicking the links with JavaScript enabled, then clicking them with JavaScript disabled. The setup works, but I'd like to enhance it so that I can change additional items, like window titles and page headers.